Penns Valley Celebrates Halloween


Penns Valley Staff and Student Costumes

Grace Bressler

Throughout the school year, the students and staff at Penns Valley Area High School have lots and lots of spirit and often celebrate it and show it in the best way possible and always have lots of fun with it.

When the students and staff at Penns Valley High School are given the chance to show their spirit by dressing up in one way or another, many often take the opportunity and have lots of fun with and become very creative with their choices.

Whether it be homecoming week, Christmas, Halloween, any other holiday, or even just for fun, there is often some type of spirit week that goes along with it.

This year, for the holiday of Halloween, Rams Leadership club and SADD club came together to sponsor a spirt week for the holiday. The themes were as follows, Monday was “What do you MEME drugs for,” students were ordered to dress as their favorite meme. Tuesday’s theme was, “Sock out drugs” day and the students wore their favorite Halloween socks to show their spirit for the holiday. Wednesday’s theme was, “Black out drugs” day, and in spirit of Halloween colors, the students were told to wear all black clothing. Also of course for Halloween day, Thursday was, “scare drugs away!” day and many of the students throughout the school wore their school appropriate costumes.

On Thursday, a variety of costumes could be found throughout the school from frat boys, to Bob Ross, wizards, candy, and even Snoopy dog and Charlie Brown.

Bob Ross
Snoopy Dog and Charlie Brown

Rams Leadership Club is also hosting what they call, “Spook Fest” on Friday at RAM Time for students. Students are able to use the ram cards that they earn from their teachers as admission into the event, if they wish to attend it. There will be activities such as pumpkin decorating, cookie decorating, coloring, and lots more!

Although the weather wasn’t the greatest for this Halloween day, the students of Penns Valley didn’t let it drag down their spirit, and some were even planning on still going trick or treating and enjoying the holiday!

Have a Happy Halloween and be safe trick or treating!!