We Need a Stress Reliever Class


Marielle Gretok

A lot of the times there are days when you are in school and everything seems to be going wrong. Whether you have a test in every class that day, or your friends aren’t being the nicest to you, sometimes you get need a way to let go.

Some classes are stress relievers in themselves because they are about something that you like and enjoy. Whenever I have a class that is about something I like, I tend to enjoy it more and be less stressed. But some semesters you just don’t have any of those classes and days can seem like years. What if there was something to help us throughout the day?

There could be a class that is literally just tips and tricks on how to lower our stress levels throughout the day. This would most likely help with our other classes. I think that grades would improve if we weren’t so stressed about getting good grades, or other things for that matter.

Better yet what if we had a space where we could just go and scream? No that wouldn’t work cause that would be disruptive to classes, but we could have a space that was designated for destressing. If you were not doing so hot throughout the day and you just need a break you can go to this space for like 20 minutes and just have a break. The room could have a variety of things in it; from dogs to stress balls and punching bags. There would be someone there who would help students with what is stressing them out. The students would be able to talk to them about anything and everything. If they need more time in the room, the advisor would be able to assess them, and either keep them or send them back to class.

Yes, there are kinks in this plan, but it is the beginning of what I think is a great idea. If this plan was to be put in motion I think it would improve students academic life, and maybe improve relationships between students and adult and students and students.