A Students Biggest Fear

A Students Biggest Fear

Hannah Denger

A students biggest fear, tests! Every student hates to hear the word that they are going to have a test. Their hearts sink to their feet and their palms start to sweat. But no worries, here are some smart tips to use so you can ace your next test.

Space out your study time, studies show that you remember more when you study and take breaks then when you cram it all into one session. Within these time chunks study different information. Do not focus on one piece of information at a time.

Next, while you study, you should move around. Do not sit in one spot while you study for too long. Studies show that staying in one spot while you study is less likely for you to remember the information. Moving around can open your mind to form new associations with test materials to create a stronger memory.

Another word, other than test, that students do not like is the word “quiz”. The smaller and deadlier version of a test. Although this may not sound appealing, quizzing yourself to prepare for a test is very impactful. Write or type out multiple pages of questions that may be on the test, and answer them more than once. Continue to repeat this strategy. Research shows that writing out the information by hand can help store the material in your brain. Instead of writing down questions, you can just write down past notes. Repetitively writing down notes can help the information stick in your brain for the test.

Follow these few studying tips and more at  https://greatist.com/happiness/better-study-tips-test#Stay-Focused. Forget about the sweaty palms and sinking hearts after you conquer student’s biggest fear, tests.