The Real Health Risk…

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Mackenzie Linn

Since 1980 the obesity rate has skyrocketed in adults and children. The number of overweight children went from one in twenty to one in five in just a few decades. This might not seem like something that should matter to us or something we should worry about as teenagers but our generation is the reason this epidemic has started.

It might not be as accurate here in Penns Valley than it is in the cities but most people eat fast food at least 4 meals a week. theres only 7 days in a week so over half of the week children and families are fueling their body with food that contains an excessive amount of preservatives and absolutely no nutritional value. Where we live these numbers might not be as high due to fast food restaurants being so far away, but how many times a week do you stop at Sheetz?

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Being young makes it seem easy to eat unhealthy food, you don’t have to worry about whats being put into your body. Once you get older these effects will become real, your metabolism will begin to slow down and you will not only start gaining wait but the things you have done to your body could become irreversible. You could end up as a diabetic, or be at risk for heart disease and have strokes. These medical issues do not just show up they are caused by years of misusing your body and trying to keep it healthy with foods that destroy it.

Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and food corporations get us hooked on it from a young age. Don’t let your life become a statistic, think about what you’re eating and make the right choices.