Penns Valley Track

For Penns Valley Track, we usually start that in March and consider that as a spring sport. What we do in track is on the first day, we usually talk about what we do over the season and then we do this fun Amazing Race and we run and do a lot of building. Then, the next few weeks at practice, we warm up by running for 10 minutes and then we do a bunch of stretching workouts. After that, we then split up into our technique groups and we do our workouts. I am a distance runner so distance runners are assigned to run for about 40 minutes and then make sure they do strides after they’re done running. Then, we soon after go and do ab workouts like cherrypickers, planks, sit ups and push ups. Later, after a few weeks of practicing, we then go to track meets and do the events that we have our names under. There are throwing events, running and sprinting, pole vault, long and high jumps. When we have track meets, we have them every Tuesday. Our coach usually brings us snacks and drinks on the way to away meets and we usually have them on the way to our away meets.

The track may look smaller when you see it from a distance but it gets bigger when you’re running on it.