Top Foods for College Kids to Make 

stephen Ripka

Most teenagers and college students always seem to have very low energy and time. They often barely eat and part of that has to do with not knowing what or how to make food for themselves. There are lots of easy foods out there that would be perfect for most teenagers and college students. They require very little ingredients and little time and effort. Most of them simply require water and a microwave.

The first of the three is the classic Ramen Noodles. Everybody knows the struggle of having Ramen Noodles for lunch or dinner. They are super easy and quick to make with little to no cooking skill or experience. If you make them correctly (which you almost have to try to do) they actually taste really good for being a quick fix for a meal. They have a variety of flavors to choose from. Ramen is pretty healthy too. They provide a good amount of carbs and don’t have very many calories.

Another good option is Kraft mac and cheese. This is another easy meal to make when you are hungry and don’t have a lot of supplies on your hands or time. They require water and a source of heat. Personally Kraft Mac and Cheese is one of my favorite things to eat because it is so good. It also it a pretty healthy option for being mostly fake and artificial ingredients. It has a low amount of calories and fills you up pretty quick for the most part. This would be a perfect meal for teenager and college students to eat and make for themselves.

These foods are both good options for young people that usually don’t have lives and are too lazy and aren’t skilled to make their own food.