Powder Puff 2019, Who Will Reach Victory?


Last year’s Juniors after they lost to the Seniors in the powderpuff game.

The powder puff football game is a long-time tradition at Penns Valley and high schools across the country. In a powder puff football game, the boys and girls switch roles as the girls become the football players and the guys become the cheerleaders. This event has always been a hit as it can be very comical to watch. The game is Senior Class vs. Junior Class. Each team picks a coach and attends practices to get ready for the big match. All of the boys dress up as girls, and recently there has been a new tradition that at halftime of the game the boys perform a choreographed dance. Each class goes head to head in the football game and the dance-off.

This year’s senior class is looking for a win as last year they lost as Juniors. Elli Stamm says “The Seniors are coming in hot this year and are prepared to win!”

This year’s Juniors are ready for the challenge to beat the seniors. Anna Butler says, “The Juniors are excited for their first year!”

This year’s senior coaches are Mr. Green and Tom Titus. The junior coaches are Mike Culver and Tom Butler. The game will be held on Thursday, November 14th at the main athletic field. The game starts at 7:00 and the gates will open at 6:00. Adult tickets are three dollars and students are two dollars. Also at the gate, fans will be asked what class you are coming to support because the class with the most number of fans in attendance for them gets to kick a field goal for extra points. As the weather is continuing to transition from fall into winter, it will be a cold night that will require you to dress warmly. Come out and support your juniors and seniors and you will have an entertaining and enjoyable night!