Interview article on Jodi Butler

Maddie Butler

Background information

Jodi Butler is a 45 year old lady that was born and raised in Penns Valley. She is the wife of Scott Butler and the mother to her two daughters Jadyn and Maddie (me). In her free time she likes to spend lots of time with family. When she is not with family, she is usually working.

Her Job

Jodi works as a billing specialist at Penn State. She chose this job because ever since she was younger she wanted to work in the medical field. Although, if Jodi was not a billing specialist she would want to be a nurse because she likes working in the clinic. Jodi got inspired to do her job during a career day at school. A normal day at work looks like this for her :  she wakes up, showers and gets ready for work, drives to work, reviews about 400 medical charts, posts insurance payments, has lunch break- goes for a run and comes back to eat lunch, codes medical records, drives home, eats dinner, spend time with family, and goes to bed. While her weekend day looks like this: wakes up, goes for a run, eats breakfast, cleans the house, runs errands, spends time with family, eats dinner, and goes to bed.

Opinions on sports to watch

Jodi’s favorite sport to watch is volleyball. She thinks this because there’s lots of action.  Jodi knows that other people like to watch volleyball too because her whole family likes it too and some people in her family play it. If volleyball wasn’t around, Jodi’s favorite sport to watch would be track.

Random facts

Jodi has a strong opinion on pets. She likes dogs more because they interact with people more than cats and she thinks that they act like a part of the family. Jodi would rather eat cheese pizza over pepperoni and she does use her phone a lot. If she lost her phone and couldn’t get a new one then she would most likely use email on her computer and the landline to communicate with people.