Interview Article

We were assigned to come up with questions and interview someone and I picked one of my dear friends.

The person I chose was Keira Stoliker one of my close friends. She is 13 and her full name is Keira James Stoliker but we call her KJ for short. She was born in Pennslyvania down near Fort Road, Center Hall, Pa. She currently goes to PVHS in Spring Mills. Her known interests are watching anime, singing, drawing, and dancing, and she is known for being one of the many funny people in our friend group, The Misfits!

Her favorite color is blue and her favorite animal is a porcupine. Jocelyn and I actually forced Keira to watch anime and she ended up liking it. Her favorite school subject is Music because she loves singing and she isn’t shy about singing in front of others. She is okay with it because she is good at some subjects than others.

She likes anime because it’s a genre of shows in another language and she like foreign things. If she didn’t meet her friends she would’ve grown-up really lonely. She would go back to the ’90s because that’s when the first anime came out. She chose both because she loves both and that’s one of the many things we have in common.

She is a night owl along with most of my friends. She believes that she is nocturnal. Practice makes perfect is what she always says. If you don’t practice how do you expect to improve?