Can America alone end it?


Melanie Hosterman

Let’s follow the footprints: think about how many times a day you eat, and how many times you throw away food or even scraps. The amount of food one person throws away in a day and then multiply that by millions. Now this is very controversial and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I think that the amount of food America alone throws away, we could end world hunger, or at least put a dent in it. I cannot pose a solution as to how we could completely end it, but I know that people need to be more cautious when it comes to the amount that they are throwing away. Did you know that 12.5% of the world is malnourished and over 700 million do not have enough food to be “full”.

I once heard on a tv show, “a mother’s worse nightmare is to see her kids go to bed hungry.” Think about how many parents suffer watching their kid starve. I know for me thinking about going without food for even an entire day sounds miserable. Food is not the only struggle, some places can’t even get clean purified water. Did you know your body can go up to two weeks without food but your body can only go three days without water? That is very scary to think about. Some people on this Earth don’t even have 2 of the main essentials to live, food and water.
This Thanksgiving it was estimated that 200 million pound of just turkey were going to waste. To put that into money perspective (cause food costs money) that’s $293 million dollars that would help thousands across the planet to buy food, but it’s going into the trash instead.

Again, I don’t exactly know how to actually “end world hunger” but the amount of food in just AMERICA alone that is thrown away can be cut down.