Thanksgiving, one of the only holidays that is only one day. Christmas and Halloween are only one day too, but many people celebrate or think about them for months on end, mainly Christmas. The whole month of October is “spooky season”, where everything is Halloween themed and based around Halloween. Christmas is a whole other level, once Halloween is over it is Christmas time all over America. Everyone skips over Thanksgiving until it is Thanksgiving day.

Personally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Why? I like Thanksgiving because you eat food and think about all that you are gifted with, in your life, and what you are thankful for. There is no pressure to get someone a great gift or to find the best costume. If you’re a kid it’s even better because you get school off and don’t have to do anything but eat food all day. Thanksgiving food is also my favorite holiday food. The turkey makes great leftovers and the mash potatoes and green beans are so good.

If I think Thanksgiving is such a great holiday why do other people basically just skip over it? I think the main reason is that people nowadays tend to forget to be thankful for what they have and are always wanted more. Both Halloween and Christmas you are given something, whether its candy from trick-or-treating or a brand new iPhone on Christmas day. On Thanksgiving, you don’t receive any gifts, you are supposed to think about what you have in your life and appreciate that.

So this holiday season, don’t be in such a rush to receive or even give, take time to sit back and be thankful. Be thankful for little things and big things alike, and voice your thankfulness to those around you, because you never know when it is going to be someone’s last holiday.