Centre County Paws

Centre County Paws logo

Centre County Paws logo

Mackenzie Linn

Centre County Paws is an Animal shelter located in Centre County. They work hard to place dogs and cats in loving homes. These animals are usually abandoned or given to Paws by their owners because they are unable to care for or properly home these pets. From here Paws does everything they can to find these animals good caring homes.

when adopting an animal from paws there is a process in order to insure you will treat these pets with the love and care they deserve, you have to fill out paper work and make sure you have references that they can call to support your claims. You also have to be willing to do a meet and greet with your current pets, if you have any, to

Centre County Paws logo

be sure that your new pet will fit in in your home. But don’t worry they do have adoption counselors to help you fill out this paper and know what you have to do.

Sometimes pets will have adoption fees that you have to pay, but usually they get prepaid for you. On the Centre County Paws website there a section where you can become a “guardian angel” and sponsor a dog or pet. This means when someone does want to adopt a new pet there fee is paid and the new owners are now able to take there animal home without worrying about additional fees.

Centre County Paws also raises money in order to help Centre County spade and neuter their own animals. This is part of their mission to not have unwanted pets roaming the streets. If they can eliminate the need for shelters they would be happy.

With all the positive things this shelter does for our community I can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t support them and help them anyway you can. Next time your looking for a new pet, keep PAWS in mind.