What is coming and going on Netflix next month


In the last article, I wrote about Disney Pus vs. Netflix and how many people think that Disney Plus is going to make Netflix out of business. Despite what you think this new list might change your mind.

“A Cinderella Story” – Coming Jan. 1st

The 200’s take on Cinderella starring Hillary Duff and Micheal Murray is a romance movie that I am sure every teenage girl has watched. One of my favorites takes on Cinderella offers a unique story of coincidence and love.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – Coming Jan. 1st

One of the biggest classics of your parent’s childhoods. Farris comes up with clever ways to convince his parents and his school that he is sick. This movie breaks the 4th wall in the movie while looking into the camera and giving us (the audience) advice.

“Spinning Out”- Coming Jan. 1st

The Netflix original movie this drama is about a skater with bad luck who finds herself on the ice once again after overcoming her fear.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie” -Coming Jan. 1st

This more kid-friendly movie is an exciting action-packed movie about mutant teenage turtles fighting crime in NYC.

What is Leaving………

“Freinds” -Leaving Jan. 1st

Probably one of the most popular shows on Netflix is, unfortunately, leaving after a 13 million dollar deal to keep them on 2 years ago. But you can see the group again when HBO Max debuts next year.

“Grease” -Leaving Jan. 31st

The iconic 1978 movie is leaving Netflix after being on for a year so, if you want to catch the love birds once last time don’t forget to watch it.


I think the thing I am most excited about to come to Netflix in the movie “Spinning Out” I watched the trailer and it looks really exciting and who doesn’t love a good romance movie. What I am most sad leaving about is “Friends” friends is one of my favorite shows that lets me just watch and pick off where ever I left off, it’s a perfect mix of everything and is my comfort show.