12/18 The Storm

Owyn Corman

7 days till Christmas, Two days till break. The storm arose. No one expected such chaos to be brought to the roads and the school. There have been several accidents, __ to be exact. Before Ram Time people were gossiping that the was going to hold us after school, it was like they were making to much about it, though it was a big mess. The roads were icy from snow squalls. Though people were hyping up the chance of being held after school yet we were only held till 3:30 pm. When I was being driven home the roads were wet, not sure if icy, but the strong winds were blowing snow on the roads and making it worse but people were driving slower. In a short time, I was outside the winds were crazy they would make your fingers cold in 2 minutes. Your fingers would feel burnt afterward. There was a very notable accident from this storm near Lewistown on I-80 involving around 20 vehicles, one was dead and others being rehabilitated from injury. Moving back to the school topic all after school activities were canceled from the storm. The teachers didn’t seem informed about what was happening. Some teachers had walkie talkies to inform the principal of which students had rides home. Overall the storm had a major impact on the community both that day and in the future.