Should Changes Be Made To The Student Parking Lot?

Should Changes Be Made To The Student Parking Lot?

Mikaylah Elcock, Writer

Penns Valley students think so. The student parking lot which is located at the front of the school is a hazardous, and irritating environment especially after school. Numerous situations have been brought up concerning what changes should be made.

Many students expressed that they have a job after school that they have to be at. One student had said she works at 4, and has to get dressed for work at school just to make it to work on time be ready because she is already aware that although she is in her car and ready to leave by 3:20, she is usually not out of the parking lot until close to 3:40pm. That is 20 minutes of waiting for traffic and busses.

It has also been brought up by irritated students that they are told to stop even though they are trying to go into the other lane and are still not allowed to go, which holds up the line behind them even more. I personally can back this statement up, I live in Aaronsburg and though I put my turn signal on indicating that I am going left and not right, I am not allowed to go.

A couple accidents have also already occurred in the parking lot, and though yes most of the students are brand new drivers, the level of aggression and carelessness in the parking lot needs to be brought down. Students have said that people will aggressively pull out in front of them when they are clearly in line and there is obviously no room for them to successfully join the line. This is carelessness at it’s finest.

Another concern that was brought up is parents dropping off/picking up their kids off in the front parking lot. This is what the back parking lot is for. Not only does it cause traffic but it is extremely annoying to students at Penns Valley. I believe that it should be addressed to the public and parents that this is what the back parking lot is for.

Overall, changes should be made and the Penns Valley students should have more of a say in these changes.