Save the planet

save the animals from extinction

this a extinct south african quagga

this a extinct south african quagga

Carllee Simco, student

We the people of our world are killing any beauty left in our world. We cut down trees that home animals, we poison the air, we cover the ground and fill the water with plastic. we aren’t doing anything that will help the year of day a child will ask their parents what a blue sky is or what grass is. That kid’s parents will not be able to explain what a beautiful blue beach, the shy, or grass them Because that kid doesn’t know what it is.

Our lifestyles are killing our world! We kill the ocean with our plastic because we are too lazy to find a trash can to throw our trash out.humanity is ruining this planet. we need a way to save it.

Our poor animals that are or almost are completely extinct. We have killed off over twenty animal species in the last one hundred and fifty years. we need these animals to be here. The Six macaws, The Northern White RhinocerosThylacinePassenger PigeonQuaggaPyrenean IbexGolden, ToadZanzibar Leopard, Po’ouli, Madeiran Large White, Carolina Parakeet, West African Black Rhino, Tecopa Pupfish, and the Falkland Islands Wolf are all twenty of the animals that have gone extinct since 1869.

Our world has even more animals that will no longer be here if this way of life doesn’t change. The Scimitar Oryx, Socorro Isopod, Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, Amur Leopard, Javan Rhino, Sumatran Rhino are endangered species. If we humans on earth don’t start doing the right thing our earth could be gone.

The plastic that animals consume kills them, the poisoned air that the birds breathe in kills them. All of these issues are from the factories that are making plastic for the human and such. We to get this under control.

To save this world so that the future generations of both humans and animals know what the true beauty of the earth is.