Study Tips for Study Haters


As the semester comes close to an end, finals do too. Knowing from experience, it can be hard to focus and study for these important tests sometimes, especially if you hate studying. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard if we find ways that help us specifically to stay on top of our studying!

If you absolutely hate studying, it is important to make a strong schedule that has specific time set aside in your day to study. This tactic won’t work unless you stick to it! Once you do it a few times you will get into the habit and it won’t feel so awful. Another cool way to study is to give yourself incentives. For example, make yourself get a good 3o-45 minutes worth of studying in and then give yourself a reward like a sweet treat or maybe 20 minutes or so of free time! Doing this will make you more inclined to do your studying and make the time go by quicker. It is also proven that if you try to do work in the same area that you relax and/or sleep in, you are more likely to get tired and board a lot faster and that makes it easier to quit. So, it is recommended that you do not study in your bedroom or family room but instead study at the dining room table or maybe even go to the library or coffee shop to get your work done.

I understand that it can be difficult or even almost impossible to make yourself study, but if you follow these tips and keep your goals in mind you can do it!