A Look Back on Media Class

Coming into this class I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little nervous to be honest, but with my previous experience in drama I knew that being on the announcements wouldn’t be a problem.

This class consisted of, Kylie Auman, Nicholas Bair, Grace Bressler, Anna Butler, Lydia Collision Hannah Denger, Eryn Dutrow, Mikaylah Elcock, Collin Emel, Marielle Gretok, Melanie Hosterman, Mackenzie Linn, Legacy Osborn Lucas Racette, Stephen Ripka, Morgan Smith, Elizabeth Stamm, Cassondra Ulmanic, Shelby Walker, and Tara Whitman. We got separated into different groups with different tasks. One group was in charge of the announcements, another group was in charge of tweeting on the twitter account, and then the few other other groups were in charge of filming different things that were going to be put into the announcements. Every group had tasks that needed to be done in order to have successful morning announcements.

We had a great group of kids who were taught by an awesome teacher! We all formed a tight bond and worked really well together allowing us to have an awesome and very successful class! We had different events like “friends giving”, golden Farley awards, and so many more fun things as a class!

I was always so excited to walk into this room and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. I was a part of two groups this year and I feel that in either group I worked well with my fellow classmates. Even though we may have procrastinated a little (or maybe a lot), we always got things done on time and had a great time doing it!

So as this class comes to end I will truly miss this class, as well as the people in it. I signed up for Media II and I cannot wait for more silly crazy videos!