PV Concession Stands


Mackenzie Linn

Now that winter sports season is in session so is the junior class concession stand. At every home basketball game or wresting match you can come to the concession stand to get a snack. All the profit goes toward the junior class and helping to organize for prom.

There are many ways you can help the junior class by helping with the concession stand, not only can you purchase food and drinks there, you can also come and work it. anyone who works the concession stand will get five dollars off their prom ticket for every time they work. Even if you’re not a junior you can still participate for the same benefits, seniors who work will also receive a discount off their prom tickets.

Another way you could help out is to set up during ram time. Before every home game class officers will go down to the stand and make sure all the food is starting to get heated up in order to be ready for the game. We sell buffalo chicken dip, nachos with cheese, pulled pork, hot dogs and soft pretzels that all need to be warmed up in order to sell.

We usually open around 5:30pm so as long as your back at the school by around 5ish you still have plenty of time to run home or get things done beforehand. while working you can one of two jobs, you can either be on food or the money. The person on money gets to sit at the front and make change, while whoever is on foods keeps their gloves on and builds sandwiches and hot dogs or whatever is ordered.

The concession stand works the best if there is at least 3 people working so talk to Mr. Farley or Mr. Baldwin if you’re interested and helping out the junior class and getting a reduced price prom ticket!