2020 Jr High Track

Jr Track and field is starting in the spring. Track and field is a series of events that mostly include running, throwing, and jumping. Track and field are done on and near the track. There are many events that you can do for throwing if you aren’t the best runner. For throwing events, there is shot put, javelin, discus and more. Some of the events for jumping are long jump, triple jump, pole vault, and more. There are more running events than there are throwing and jumping. The running events are sprints, long-distance, middle distance, hurdles, relays.

Track and Field is a good way to get exercise and you get to make new friends it’s also a lot of fun. You can sign up for Track and Field in the office. If you played a sport earlier this year you don’t need to get a physical paper. If you didn’t play a sport then you need to get a physical so you are allowed to participate.

The past Track and Field season (2018-2019) was a good season. A lot of people went to states and even more, people went to laurel mountain. Laurel Mountain is like districts.

During practice, you start with a mile warm-up. Then, depending on what events you want to participate in, you can either do bleachers or you can run a certain amount of miles. After training is over we do core at the end of every practice then you go home. But on certain days you get to practice your event so if you want to do hurdles then you can set the hurdles up on the track and practice going over them.