Centre County reports 17 new cases of COVID-19


Since schools have reopened, Coronavirus cases have been going up in Centre County for the past two weeks. As of now, there are 93 cases total and this has caused some concern in the community. These cases are mostly found in State College, on campus. Between May and July, Centre County averaged about 40 biweekly cases but the increase of cases has been dramatic the past 14 days with the opening of Penn State. 16 of the 17 cases that have been reported are from State College or on Penn State campus. That brings the county’s total cases to 486 since the first case that was reported March 20. In general, the county’s had 440 confirmed cases, 46 probable cases, and 13,778 negative cases. Pennsylvania has added 521 positive cases, which raises the total cases to 134,025. Currently, no new deaths have been reported since Monday in the state, the total still stands at 7,673. “The state does not give specific numbers when there are fewer than five cases to protect patient privacy and does not identify exactly where a case occurred in a ZIP code that spans multiple counties. No patients are hospitalized in Centre County due to COVID-19, according to the state dashboard.” -Matt Hymowitz.

Diagram of Centre County.