Changes of PV 2019-2020


Penns Valley has changed tremendously since we were last in school. Everything was just so much more simple a few months ago at school. We never even thought about how we could just walk through the halls like it’s nothing. But now we can only go in the directions of the arrows and try our best to socially distance from other students. When you’re in the hallway you can only walk in the directions of the arrows on the floor, and when you reach the end of the middle hallway you can only go in the direction the standing arrow signs tell you. That’s just one of the many rules you have to follow when being in the school.

The most major change is you have to wear a mask everywhere you go, including the bathroom. If you’re lucky your teacher will give you a mask break and take you outside or make you socially distance somewhere in the school. During lunch you can also take off your mask. Also at lunch you’re 6 feet away in every direction from other students and you aren’t supposed to talk to anyone that you’d have to raise your voice to talk to. Just like in the classrooms you’re also separated from everyone so that you’re distanced away from other students. While we used to be able to sit in pairs or groups with no masks. The masks aren’t fun at all but the teachers have to wear a mask and a face shield over top of the mask when they’re near students.