The Potential Loss of a Senior Sports Season

The Potential Loss of a Senior Sports Season

Hailey Coursen

From the time athletes begin the journey in their respective sports, they can’t wait for their senior season. There’s just something about being the “top-dogs” on the team, having a senior night, and giving your sport your all one last time that’s so enticing.

However, seniors in Pennsylvania might not get that experience.

As students return to school and COVID-19 cases continue to surge, Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolfe has kept social distancing and mask-wearing protocols in place. Those two protocols alone make it extremely hard for students to transition back to school, let alone play a sport. Wolfe has also mandated that there be no more than 25 people in a room at a time. This mandate makes it extremely hard for sports to take place, given that in order for a game to occur, you need the team, officials, and scorekeepers all in a room at once.

Although Governor Wolfe has put the decision as to if Fall Sports should occur into the hands of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), if Coronavirus cases continue to worsen, Wolfe could end fall sports in an instant.

At the moment, fall sports are on track, beginning with the first competition on September 11. Although there is talk that two spectators per athlete will eventually be allowed, currently no spectators are allowed at PIAA sanctioned athletic events.

With so much uncertainty, it’s hard to tell whether or not the class of 2021 will get to enjoy their senior season to its full capacity. Although safety is the number one concern, it would be such a shame to see such a talented group of athletes go without their last year of high school athletics.

Lady Rams Volleyball celebrates after winning a rally… The volleyball seniors are hopeful for a season!