Thinking Outside of the PV High School Building


PVHS, last year before the coronavirus.

All of us here at the High School have been faced with many challenges during these trying times. We are all too familiar with wearing masks and obeying the directional arrows in the hallways. However, while we are stuck in school, there are some kids who have decided to do remote learning. These kids join class through Zoom, and learn along with us…just from home!

Junior Jack O’Donald, 15, has agreed to an interview regarding learning from home. We asked him basic questions regarding learning from home, and being away from friends. “The added factor of communicating through technology and not being able to interact with my peers makes things harder,” O’Donald explains. “So it’s a little bit more difficult.”

Some kids in the area believe that we should shut down; others think we are fine with what we are doing now. After all, there have been no positive cases in any of the schools in the Penns Valley area. “I do think this is the best option at the moment,” O’Donald says. Another question people have is how long this will last. O’Donald believes it will last for longer than we all would hope. “I think it will last at least throughout the semester, possibly the school year.”

When asked if he would go back during these confusing times, O’Donald simply replied with, “The irrational part of me does.”

While we are still learning inside of the building, it seems that our fellow peers on the outside are still somewhat enjoying learning from a distance.