One of Penns Valley’s Very Own Hailey Courson


Logan Jones

Penns Valley senior Hailey Coursen is the setter for the Penns Valley varsity volleyball team. This season hasn’t gone quite as planned with the record,  but they currently have four wins along with four losses. They had two games where they were up two sets then lost the next three.

I asked Hailey what got her into volleyball. She stated “I got into volleyball because it was a relatively new sport and it seemed fun!” and what would she do if volleyball didn’t work out? Hailey responded by saying “If volleyball didn’t work out I’m really not sure what I’d do, I guess I’d find another sport or hit the gym.” shortly after I asked her why she thought this is what she’d do and without any hesitation she said “Because I would want to stay in shape and I think it’s very important to be healthy!”.

With all thats going on with Covid 19 I decided I grab some feelings on how it impacts her games. I asked her with Covid going on and no fans in the gym, do you feel the same type of energy while playing? She replied “It is not the same at all! We aren’t anywhere near as pumped up as previous years where our student section was always there supporting us and getting us all pumped up!’. She told me her next game is Tuesday, October 6th at central and you can join in to watch and support online as it will be live. Get the link from the Penns Valley Facebook to watch!