The Life of a College Student in the Midst of COVID-19


As we all know by now the COVID-19 virus has affected all of our lives to some extent, whether if it is wearing a mask wherever you go or being laid off of your job; it is not a fun time for any of us. But there is a group of people who this virus probably takes the biggest affect on: college students.

There is no surprise that with students moving back on to campus this Fall that the cases start to rise. Universities such as Duquesne, Bloomsburg, and Lock Haven were closed as early as last March. Most colleges are changing to the ways of Zoom meetings and online classes. Imagine going into your Freshman year at a university and having to learn all of your college courses through Zoom and online classes.

When asked about the impact of COVID-19 on college students, Andrew Sharer, who attends Lock Haven, answers, “It is definitely different. We have to stay penned up in our apartments pretty much every day. Everyone is struggling right now with the new Zoom system, even some professors. It is unfortunate that we do not get the full college experience but as of now all we need to do is stay safe and hopefully things will start to get better.”

Even though this new way of learning may be difficult for all of us for now it is definitely one the best options for us in order to keep everyone safe. Just remember to stay on top of your assignments and ask for help when needed.