Tweeting with the News Crew


Samantha Snider

PV Media has now started tweeting and you should start following! The PV Media twitter account is good way to keep up more with our class and just Penns Valley Area High School in general . You should expect to see three new tweets every day of the week.

You will find informative tweets about things like news, technology or anything just PV Media related. These tweets would include news going on in the world around us that we find to be important to share to everyone. Just like how the other day we tweeted about technology advancing to save homes from home break-ins by having a flying Ring security drone that would go in your house when it senses a break-in. Also, these informative tweets could just have anything in general that is going on with the PV Media crew.

You will also find engaging tweets that will include things like polls, pictures, videos or ask a question. We want to stay in contact with our viewers, so doing tweets that ask questions or have polls will allow us to get some input from Penns Valley. An example is we had a poll a day ago about what everyones favorite classes are.

Lastly, you should find tweets about publicity of something that has occurred that we feel should be shared out. This could be things like projects, articles, student or staff accomplishments and anything school related. With all of our different tweets daily we hope that you will enjoy following @PV_News_Crew on Twitter today!