High-Speed Wifi Set to Come to Penns Valley


Internet router with power cord

We all know how Governor Tom Wolf visited PVHS last year in regard to the internet in the area. Well, it looks like the wait may soon be over for your family and friends to have a good, reliable internet provider. A new company called Centre WISP is set to move down the valley in months to come. In some areas it already has!

This internet provider is just one of the ways Tom Wolf’s plan of getting small towns like ours a stable internet connection is being done as we speak. This internet provider hopes to have homes with speeds up to 30 megabytes a second. This is 5 megabytes more than what the US recommends for “high-speed” internet and can easily stream and download whatever you may need.

The valley could benefit greatly from this as children and adults alike are using more and more technology. The company, as previously stated, has already begun its service in some areas of the valley. The only downside is Centre WISP will face head-on challenges like running the fiber optic cables for the internet which is very expensive.

Another issue the company may face is competition from other providers that already have loyal customers. Verizon is a major one, although their speeds are slow their prices are affordable. Another provider is GetWireless, a local company with very fair pricing to bandwidth packages.

As Centre WISP continues to bring high-speed internet down the valley make sure to keep watch for when it gets to you. This provider may be just one of many to begin moving down this way. Verizon has also expressed interest in bringing true high-speed wifi to this area. All around this is a great thing to see, both for Penns Valley School District and the surrounding neighborhoods of people eager to get online.