2020 PVGS Season is Over


The Penns Valley girls soccer team season came to an end last night 10/28, as they lost there semi-finals match 2-0 against West-Branch. It was a tough loss, but they were proud to make it that far so they walked out keeping there head up and realizing they had a very good season. With this group of girls not evening knowing if they were going to get to have a season, in August and starting the season late, causing them to have a shorted preseason, they are beyond proud with what they have accomplished as a team this year. With losing 10 seniors last year, it was basically a whole new team out there this year and they worked very hard to get the best results they could. They also had to change the way stuff happened, due to the whole Covid-19 restrictions, but your lady rams worked around that and did what they needed to in order to even have a season. Not only did this group of girls work well on the field together they had very strong friendships outside of soccer which only got bigger through soccer. They also wanted to thank there coached for all the time and dedication they put in to help, them improve and get to were they did. The lady rams ended there season with a 12-4 record in the mountain league taking 2nd or 3rd (to be determined) in the mountain league. There final season record was 12-5. We are very proud of our Lady Rams.