Record Number of New PA COVID-19 Cases


Clothing store with a closed sign hanging in the window.

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 cases are rising all throughout the US. They are once again climbing on the East Coast including Pennsylvania. Centre County doesn’t help with this either. Just this past Wednesday, November 11th the county added 55 new cases to the total of 243,000.

Centre County has been working very hard to keep its numbers down. While they aren’t as high as other counties in the area they are still climbing. Centre County currently sits at the number 15th spot for most cases per county. Right behind Westmoreland and just ahead of Lackawanna counties respectively.

Pennsylvania has called for action to curb the growing numbers once more. Today, Wednesday the 11th PA also broke its record for new COVID-19 cases in a single day. They reached a total of 4,700 new cases in 24 hours. That number is expected to grow as we move into the colder months.

The US is also having no trouble with its numbers staying high. The country as a whole has passed 10,000,000 cases. This spells grim news as it shows no signs of stopping.

As for PA and Centre County, there are talks of once again entering a lockdown. This may not be as long as the one earlier this year but it could help. Their reasoning is simply to stop the spread before it grows even larger.

People in Centre County are also growing more concerned with the numbers. Even PSU is shutting down campus once again after Thanksgiving break begins. Once again the total cases for PA currently sit at 243,000 cases with 40,000 negative tests confirmed so far.