Penns Valley’s Thanksgiving Break Creates COVID-19 Spike


Kaedence Baney

As Penns Valley gets ready to go on break for Thanksgiving in two weeks there are concerns. People in the school and even at home are worried that COVID-19 may spike once they return. With people traveling all over it can leave a lot of people exposed to others.

Staff in the school are worried that the return could spell trouble for keeping cases down. So far PV has done a very good job and tracking down and isolating COVID positive people. The school has had three positively tested people so far in the year.

The risk of a COVID-19 spike after the break may come true which is very bad. Once school comes back into session there are only about three weeks before Christmas break. It’s a short time but a lot can happen.

Centre County and the rest of PA has also seen an uptick in cases lately. That comes with the colder months setting in and people having quarantine fatigue. There are talks of another lockdown coming soon.

Penns Valley is hopeful that they can stay open for the rest of the year and not need to close. Thanksgiving break is just another on a long list of challenges the school has faced. But people are nevertheless hopeful.

Students in the district have said they enjoy being in school, despite what changes have been made. It would be a shame if the school was to close due to the upcoming break. The district has said however that it is comfortable coming back after the break and thinks nothing bad will happen to the small rural school.