NCAA Football Video Games Make A Return


Exciting news hit the sports and gaming world yesterday February 2nd, 2021 as the gaming company EA sports announced the relaunch of the video game series NCAA Football. The game franchise ended in 2014 making its last appearance since the launch of the game in 1993. The game included various fun game modes such as Mascot Mash Up where you can play as your favorite teams mascot on the gridiron and Road to Glory where you can create a high school player and shape his dynasty into a Heisman trophy winner. The game ended in 2014 when rising concern upon athletes began due to not receiving compensation for using their likeness.

Over 130 NCAA teams have signed off their approval of the remake of the game. Various modifiers have tried to come close to remaking the game as best as possible in various mods such as “College Football Revamped” but is yet to come close to what players have wanted in the game. Game developers have explained that the game will not be released for another few year to gaming platforms which is not a surprise, this is also great for a number of reasons.

First, this is great because they are fully redoing the game from scratch and secondly it will not be just another crappy Madden game with an NCAA logo slapped on it. With various news brewing up upon the NCAA being allowed to pay student athletes this leaves many questioning if athletes in the game will be payed for their entries. What are some of your thoughts or concerns about the launch of this game