Polar Vortex takes the U.S. By Storm

Polar Vortex takes the U.S. By Storm

Anna Butler, Author

Record lows are being set across the United States as a Polar vortex is sweeping its way across the country. A Polar vortex is a circular weather pattern that typically brings cold weather from the North Pole. Usually, the Vortex will stay in the North Pole but, parts of it can break away and travel south bringing winter storms and freezing weather with it. The Vortex is held in place by what is called a “Jet Stream.” A Jet stream is made of high and low winds. This is causing places in the United States like Texas to get icy and snowy weather, something that the region is not used to or built for.

With more than 79% of the country under the Polar Vortex grip, it has left people wishing for warmer weather. Here are some of the record lows of weather the Polar Vortex has brought with it.

  • Dallas, Texas had a low of 5 degrees which was the lowest the city had had since 1989
  • Rapid City South Dakota has five consecutive nights of 12 below zero. The first time this has happened since 1943
  • In San Antonio, Texas, and Huston, Texas the regions hit single-digit temperature which was the first time this has happened since 1989
  • Though most of the Country is in ice and snow Miami hit a record high of 91 over the weekend which is unusual for this time of year

Winter Storms watches, and advisories have been sent out to at least 40 states so far, telling its citizens to be prepared for what the storm might bring.  Though mother nature has not shown any signs of warming up just yet we can only hope that the long winter will be over sooner rather than later.