Tom Brady the GOAT(Greatest Of All Time) at Age 43 Wins his 7th Super Bowl Ring

Ceci Falls

2021 Super bowl the biggest Football game of the year was LV, which stands for 55. The teams that played in this years Super Bowl were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The quarterback for the Chiefs was Patrick Mahones, and for the Buccaneers it was Tom Brady the GOAT.  Brent Brown and many others said that Tom Brady was ¨ addicted to success.¨ Tom Brady has made it to half of the Super bowls since he’s been in the NFL. Heś played in 10 super bowls. Out of those super bowls he won 7 and lost 3 of them. Which means he has 7 Super bowl rings! He also has been MVP 5 times the most MVPs ever by a single player. No surprise but he won MVP in this years Super Bowl. In the 2018 Super Bowl Brady had 505 passing yards a great passing yard stat is 300-350, and he had 505! The score of this years Super Bowl was 9-31 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won, actually they destroyed! Tampa Bay definitely couldn’t have pulled this game off without their star player Tom Brady; he led this team to their 2nd Super Bowl Title. Overall I think you can see that Tom Brady is the GOAT(The greatest of all time!)

The teams that played in this years Super Bowl were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.