What Will Happen in Season 2 of Outer Banks?

Selena Auman


On July 24th, 2020 Netflix initially announced that there would be a season 2 of a Netflix original series Outer banks. In season one they announced the pogues or the working-class people. They consist of John B/Chase Stokes, JJ Maybank/Rudy Pankow, Pope Hayward/Jonathan Daviss, Kiara Carrera/Madison Bailey. The Cameron family or the rich one who offers the pogues jobs. They consist of Rafe Cameron/Drew Starkey, Ward Cameron/Charles Esten, Sarah Cameron/Madelyn Cline, and Wheezie Cameron/Julia Antonelli. Another one is the police station, in the police station they have a lot of people working there but they only introduce us to 2 of the main workers, Sheriff Peterkin/Adina Porter and Deputy Shoupe/Cullen Moss. The last group they introduced was the kooks, they are the rich kids who dress fancy and never need to work. They have the Cameron family, Kiara (also apart of the pogues), Topper/Austin North, Mike, and anna Carrera/Samantha Soule Kelce/Deion Smith.

In season 1 of Outer Banks John B’s father was reported as “missing” but everyone knew he was dead, John B refused to believe he was dead until he saw the body. John B knew that his father was just off on a mission to find his family’s Merchant Royal treasure due to a VHS tape that he found saying he may be gone for a while but he would be back. Once they found John Bs father’s body child support came and was going to take John B to a foster home since he didn’t have anyone watching him and he wasn’t legal of age. Ward Cameron said he would be his legal guardian, he later went on a fishing trip with John B and almost killed him. Him and the pogues plus Sarah Cameron all went on a mission to find his family’s treasure after they located it, but it was a race against the other Cameron family who was trying to find it first. 

They are predicting that in season 2 of Outer Banks John B and Sarah Cameron will go on another mission to go the Bahamas for a second treasure hunt, Kiara and JJ might actually end up together after her rejecting Pope and John B. Ward and Rafe might go to jail, and Topper might become friends with the pogues. I’m hoping that JJ and Kaira do get together and that Ward and Rafe go to jail they need to go for their actions.

Sarah, JJ, John B, and Kiara laughing together

Can’t wait for season 2 to finally come out!