Penns Valley Girls Basketball takes big lead against Huntingdon!


The lobby area of Penns Valley’s high school.

Maura Horner

Penns Valley girls basketball has been working hard on the court this year! While wearing masks makes it hard they are determined to play and beat their opponents with no regrets and lots of determination. This year, they took Huntingdon down quickly but they all had fun and did some great teamwork with each other working that ball around the court, way to go Rams. The game was rough but the girls had good defense and stayed on Huntingdon’s tail, while in the first game they thought they were going to lose against them they had brought the score up by 10 points! As one famous star once said, “Great things come from hard work and perseverance.” – Kobe Bryant. While it has been hard with the masks and running up and down the court these girls did an amazing job of executing that and worked very hard. They may have gotten disappointed at some points but in the end, they had an amazing game and keep their head high, they had fun and enjoyed playing against them even if it was hard. The team cheered each other on and screamed for their teammates to keep going, yes it did get loud but that’s what we’re about. Again they did an amazing job executing the game, it was amazing.