Spring Sports

So as you all know, spring sports officially start on Monday, March 8th. Baseball, Softball and Track and Field are considered sports that happen in the springtime and last towards the end of the school year. Spring sports are usually supposed to be fun when you’re outside when it’s warm. Last year, however, we had to have spring sports get cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and when Governor Tom Wolf shut down Pennsylvania on March 13th, 2020 until the end of the school year. That happened because when COVID started on the west coast, it was moving to the east very quickly and we had to lock down the whole US. So, nobody was able to participate in any Spring Sports last year. Lets hope that this year will be a normal spring sports schedule and that we don’t have to cut the season early again like last year. So during track and field, we do a lot of running for a warm up and then do stretching before people go on their own to run and throw. Then after we do our running and throwing practice for about an hour, we all meet back up for abs stretching and do ab workouts for about a half hour. After that, we all dismiss from track practice and go home. That is what usually happens when we do Spring Sports but let’s not have a repeat like last year where it all changed suddenly and we got the season cut short.