Will The Corona Virus Be Over Anytime Soon?


Hailey Bruss

Covid-19 has spread all over the world in the past year with crazy case numbers. Between death caused by Covid-19 and the positive cases, the world will never be the same. Just in Centre County, there have been 13,485 positive cases as of March 17, 2021. There is now a vaccine for high-priority workers to keep themselves and others safe. This pandemic has affected everyone whether it is financially, mentally, physically, or even emotionally. Children have had to stay home and do virtual school, and some are even still doing school virtually. As a kid who could never really focus on school as it is, doing school from home was a challenge for me because it was hard to keep myself on track.

Covid-19 started as a small illness that most laughed and joked about while it was still away from the U.S. As it spread farther and farther into the United States, people got worried. The world was shut down and this “illness” turned into a Global Pandemic that a lot of people feared. Now a year later it is still growing. Some ways to help keep yourself safe from the pandemic is to keep your mask on at all times while you are outside, keep a 6ft distance away from you and your peers, don’t share any drinks or food with others, and wash your hands regularly!

(Corona Virus volunteers cleaning areas)