What are Prom and Graduation Going to look like for Penns Valley this Year?

What is Penns Valley Area High School District’s prom and graduation going to look like? Both of these topics have been very controversial between the school district and parents. Some are all for a regular graduation and prom and others are totally against it due to Covid. Both sides have good arguments and it’s been decided that a modified version of each should satisfy everyone. 

So what is this year’s prom and graduation going to look like? Prom is gonna look very different from past years, instead of being held at its usual location at the country club it’s going to be held on the football field. Dinner will also not be provided to the students, they will have to eat before or after prom. There is also a lot of concern among students and staff about it being held on the football field due to it being very weather dependent. Penns Valley said the plans may change, but for right now this is their best plan. Due to the circumstances they sent out a survey for the students to fill out to find out if there is even any interest in prom. 

As for graduation, it’s still in the works. There has been talk about having it socially distanced in the usual place. This could be good news due to the misfortunes of last year’s seniors. Last year’s graduation was unlike past ceremonies due to the spread of Covid in 2020. 

This has been a rough year for all the students of 2021.  Covid has become a part of life, and schools are going to have to learn to adapt their events to accommodate the struggles that it brings.