What is coming to Netflix in April 2021


Anna Butler, Author

We all know the disappointment of going on to Netflix and seeing your favorite show gone. We also all know the excitement of starting a new show and getting to binge-watch it. Starting in a few months Netflix announced that new Netflix Originals episodes will come out weekly instead of all at once. Despite this though here is what is coming to Netflix Next month…

Concrete Cowboy (2021)

Release date: April 2nd

Starring Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin this movie is about a young boy who is set to live with his estranged father in Philadelphia.

Thunder Force (2021)

Release date: April 9th

This Superhero comedy stars Mellissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer. They take a wild and funny side to Superheros.

Shadow and Bone (Season 1- 2021)

Release date: April 23rd

Based on the Fantasy Grishaverse Books by  Leigh Bardugo, Alina Starkov, a young soldier, inadvertently discovers an incredible power that could help unite her country. However, as she starts to hone her skills, even more, dangerous forces attempt to overpower her. 

I have actually read some of the Grishaverse books and the TV shows have big shoes to fill. The stories are exceptionally well written and the characters are all intriguing in their own way. They are books that you can’t put down.

Things Heard and Seen

Release date: April 30th

This chilling new horror movie Starring Amanda Seyfried as a young artist who moves from Manhattan with James Nordan as her husband in search of a simpler life. As she moved in, she starts to question the dark history of her house and find the same darkness growing in her marriage.

This isn’t all that is coming out but, these are what I find the most expected and most anticipated to watch.