Covid Effecting High School Sports


Stephen Ripka making a catch from Aaron Tobias

Throughout the past months, Covid-19 has effected many things, if not all things. Every day since the shutdown last spring has been Covid, Covid, Covid. One of teenagers’ main focuses in todays world is athletics. Each and every athlete knows that dealing with school and sports can be a lot anyway but when you have to take account for many restrictions and pages of rules placed on your activities and practices it becomes difficult to juggle.

After the shutdown, anything that accounted for someone to leave their house was pretty much diminished to say the least. With this being said, all athletics practices and scrimmages and games, were completely wiped out for the remainder of the spring and even into the fall in some areas. Although here at Penns Valley we were able to restart things in the fall, many restrictions were placed onto our sports that took almost all of the fun out of the games we enjoy to participate in. In the end this is still way better than some districts had it across PA.

Many school districts came short of even having any type of restricted season. Many of these schools pushed everything back to the spring to wait for clearance with the virus and or the vaccination sequence to unfold. Masks make sports very interesting too. All of the people in out government who make the decisions to wear masks during athletics often fail to recognize the level of difficulty that it can play on an athlete’s performance. It truly makes it many leaps harder to breathe for obvious reasons. With that being said, sports currently this spring are doing very well to get out of the state we are currently in. Masks are not worn for majority of the duration, along with other rules being descaled as well.