Movie Review: Night at the Museum


After viewing the film “Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller and directed by the magnificent Shawn Levy I have interpreted that the movie is a certified classic in the golden age of movies in the mid 2000’s. Everything about this movie is entertaining from the sassy monkey that Larry the main character has some major beef with all the way to a talking Teddy Roosevelt wax figure that comes to life and can share facts about the real Teddy Roosevelt. In this movie the secret tablet of an ancient Egyptian king brings every wax figure into life during sundown and become who they truly were in this past life. This movie has an action packed plot that is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole entire movie. The movie is also packed with humor that’ll have you laughing continuously throughout the whole length of the film along with the wonderful mix of some historical facts along with how a few people and things acted when they were alive in real life. This movie is also great for kids and can be a movie you can put on for the whole family to observe. I give the movie a 8 out of ten rating because there are parts of the movie that can be cheesy but the overall plot and humor in the story is still very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is in need of a great film to watch.