The News About The COVID Vaccine



Getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hailey Bruss

The whole world is going crazy about the COVID vaccine, whether they believe they work or they dont trust them, the vaccine has had a toll on the whole world. But without my opinions or my thoughts, i’ll give you the run down on the one and only COVID vaccine.

So what is the COVID vaccine? Well, to put it clearly, scientists have created a way to stop the spread of the illness that has caused the pandemic that has effected us for over a year now and if you dont know what COVID-19 is, well i’ve got some news for you. Now the only thing that is proven to be in COVID vaccines are well… Acids. And of course any shot doctors give you, have a small amount of that illness to help you become amune and help the shot to actually work. So honestly, the COVID vaccine really has acids and a certain amount of COVID.

Social media has gone crazy over the new vaccine, spreading rumors and other things to the point where we arent too sure what is true. Many people have certain thoughts simular or exact to ” Im not sure if I want to get the vaccine right now, because it hasnt been out long enough and could have long term effects that arent good for my body” or maybe you are a person that cant wait to get the vaccine because itll help you even though you have no clue whats in it (other than acids).

So, my idea to you is, if you think you want to get the vaccine, do your research and think hard on long term effects! I will attach a link to this article to help anyone if they have questions! But if you think it is the right thing for you, do it!! Have a good day yall, stay safe and have fun!


Getting the COVID-19 vaccine. (AP)