No More Mask?

Our president, Joe Biden has said that if you have the vaccine you no longer need to wear a mask.  There have been lots of questions from people asking things like “how are you supposed to know who vaccinated and whose not” there’s a very simple but complicated answer. the answer is that you get a card but when your out in public without a mask, for example, downtown state college when your walking about in crowded spaces how are you supposed to know who’s vaccinated and who’s not. The only time people with the vaccine must wear a mask is where it is required. Even when you are vaccinated you still have to show a negative test result before you travel. When you travel they say you should still get tested afterward. If you are vaccinated you have a very low chance of getting the virus and spreading it. How long the vaccine lasts is still being tested. People are fully vaccinated after you have gotten 2 shots. Fully vaccinated people reduce the risk of giving unvaccinated people the virus. If you have the vaccine and got covid you should quarantine for 14 days. People without the vaccine remember that a mask is still required, you must get a covid test before travel and you should still quartine if you have covid.