Saying Goodbye to Junior – High

Addy Miller

Hi i’m Addy Miller and I am an 8th grade student and Penns Valley High school and it is my last year as a Junior High student. I am excited to finally actually go to “High School” since it isn’t really until you’re in 9th grade to be considered a high school student. I am also scared to go to high school because that means harder work, longer classes, more homework, etc. I am not excited for harder work because when I don’t get what i’m doing it stresses me out a lot. I am excited about longer classes because then that means we don’t have to rush to get things done and we have more time to do more things. In Junior High the teachers are more lenient then the High school ones because the high school teachers want to prepare us for collage and our future, I mean yeah the junior high teachers do to but high school is more preparing you for your life after collage, if you decide to go to collage if not then they just prepare you for you life after high school.¬† You can visit our school website by clicking this link

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