Dine and Dash


(All opinions are my own and not representative of the views of PV Media or PVHS in general.)

The bell rings, you have 30 minutes to get your lunch and eat and be done by the time they dismiss you. I feel as if we do not have enough time to eat lunch, and many students see eye to eye with me on this topic. Cammie Upcraft stated, “I had to rush to eat my Wheat Thins and I could not thoroughly enjoy them.” 

With covid restrictions and masks being mandatory, we are no longer allowed to eat a snack or anything in class. 

The only time we have to eat is during our lunch period and time is taken out of that period to go to and from our lockers. People must wait in long lines for lunch that take up a fair amount of time they have to eat. Some students wait in line for about 20 minutes just to get their food and not even sit down and take the time to eat. 

I and many students feel as though this isn’t fair to us because we have 80-minute classes and have only 30 minutes to socialize and eat our lunch. Many students feel as though they need to rush and scarf down all of their food in order to be able to feel satisfied. Studies show that consuming food quickly may harm your cardiometabolic health and may cause diabetes and other harmful health issues. 

In conclusion, I think that we do not get enough time to enjoy our lunch breaks. We barely have enough time to eat and zero time to socialize with friends.