Top two most annoying decks in Clash Royale.

1. Golem Witch Clone.

It is no secret that Golem is one of the best cards in Clash Royale. At max level it has 6,176 health and when killed does 119 damage to surrounding enemy units. First, your opponent might play a golem behind king tower which you respond by playing your win condition opposite lane, when playing this deck however, players do not need to worry about defense. Following Golem, the opponent will play witch and baby dragon behind, creating an unstoppable push. When defensive cards are played, the clone is dropped on the Golem and the support. Your elixir is than wasted as your troops are killed by the cloned Golemites. Defenseless, you are three crowned and leave the game.

2. E-Giant Lightning

Electro Giant is the most overpowered card in the game at the moment. Although it is relativity easy to counter by itself, when it is paired with lighting it is near impossible to successfully defend. When defensive cards are played, the opponent can simply counter any counter push by placing a tornado on their E- Giant and baby dragon, where the splash damage destroys your troops. If you somehow manage to construct any type of push, it is countered by a goblin cage paired with a dark prince and goblin barrel, leaving your attack useless. Once the match hits double elixir, the opponent is able to cycle goblin cage and E- Giant, which is basically unstoppable. The E- giant push will drain all your elixir and leave you none to counter push. They will take your tower and you will quit the game.

Thanks for reading.