College Football


Due to the pandemic that hit, college football was cancelled, all sports were cancelled, it all started March 13, 2020, when schools started closing and sports were getting canceled. It all happened fast before we knew it we were all home, and had to wear a mask social distance. It was the PIAA that suspended college sports from happening. There was a conference with the PIAA and they suspended it because of covid 


The pandemic took a huge toll on college football. It was August 5, 2020, the last official news conference to suspend college sports  and they were not going to happen the rest of the year until the CDC says that we do not have social distance anymore and sports can be back on. College football was suspended for about a year until the CDC said that football was back on. There was no one aloud in the stands; they had to play without a crowd.


                   College football is back on this year and we are already on week 3 Penn State has played 2 games so far. They played Ball State, and Wisconsin they won against both teams. They are playing tomorrow and they will be playing Auburn. Penn  State is ranked 2 in BIG 10 east. If Penn State keeps on winning then they will soon be in number 1 for the BIG 10 east. They have had a good season so far and if they keep it up they will have a really good season.


     Due to the covid cases last year that’s why football got cancelled. But because of the vaccine, football is happening this year. If you are vaccinated then you can attend college sports. The CDC recommends that if you are vaccinated then you should still wear a mask. Thanks to covid for ruining college sports last year. All stadiums will be at 100% capacity this weekend.