Memories of 9/11

 September 11 2001 many families lost people they love in the tragic plane crashes of 9/11. It was a beautiful day on September 11, but what they didn’t know is that there were hijackers on those planes. Planning on stealing the planes when they were in the air and crashing them into buildings. 2 of them crashed in the north and south twin towers and the other one hit the side of the pentagon and the last one failed and landed in a PA field because the people on the planes tried to stop the terrorist and then it crashed in a field instead of the pentagon. Whether it was a firefighter, a police officer or  on one of the planes we will always remember the people who passed away that day. Family and friends lost people they love that day. And they will never forget the person who planned all of this Osama Bin Laden who sent terrorists on that mission. Osama Bin Laden was later killed May 2 2001 in Pakistan by SEAL Robert O’Neill who shot him in Abbottabad. Families to this day are still sad about the death of their family or friends. In many cities of America we have memorials for 9/11 like in Ocean city maryland. They have a statute to remember all of the first responders who lost their lives trying to help others. Many places have these statues that just shows how important 9/11 was. We will alway remember this day and how many lives were lost. Whether it was in the plane or a first responder they will always be remembered.