Weather changing in Centre Pa


Nikki Denger

Over the last few weeks the weather has been anything but predictable. From October 1st to the 16th the temperature was anywhere from 6 to 16.4 degrees above normal during most days. Some days the temperature exceeded 77 degrees, which is an increase of 10 degrees. Over the month of October State College has experienced increasing cloud cover with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or for the most part cloudy increased from 38% to 47%. The clearest day of the year has been October 1 with clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy shys 62% of the day. In Central Pennsylvania the possibility of a wet day over the course of October is moderately decreasing. The beginning of the month started at 27% and is ending at 24%. 

All across Pennsylvania there has been more flooding, more heat and respiratory deaths, increased disease and pests, and disruptions to many agricultural systems. The temperatures in Pennsylvania have increased by 1.8F degrees in the last century and it’s not done yet. The state of Pennsylvania is expected to warm another 5.9F degrees by 2050. Precipitation has increased on an average of 10 percent with many places seeing a 20 percent increase. This fall has been unusually wet for Pennsylvania and it’s only going to get worse. Since the temperatures are expected to drop drastically by 2050 this winter is most definitely going to be one for the books. Not only are the temperatures changing, precipitation has gone up an average of 10 percent. SO, this winter will not just be cold but ill also be wet.